• killings

    Killings at Little Rose

    Created by: Finley Martin

    In a coastal village where what’s been buried doesn’t stay buried, what’s lost at sea doesn’t stay lost.

    Sleuth Anne Brown finds herself in an eastern PEI fishing community, working undercover for the new owner of a seafood-processing plant plagued by vandalism, loss, and ill luck. The community around Little Rose Harbour has been shocked by the discovery of old, secret remains of a baby, and all their entangled secrets are coming to the surface.

    On the cusp of a clandestine love affair and herself keeping secrets, Anne must sort through gossip, rumours, and lies—and dodge the menace of violence—to uncover the canker at the core of Little Rose.

    But will she learn in time to prevent the mystery from becoming motive for murder?

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  • Kindred Spirits

    Kindred Spirits

    Created by: Dianne Hicks Morrow

    Who is your kindred spirit? Who kindles the fire in your soul?

    Driven by curiosity about her own intense friendships and soul-to-soul connections, Dianne Hicks Morrow devoted the last 10 years to asking Atlantic Canadians these questions.

    In Kindred Spirits, people as diverse as composer Norman Campbell, lyricist Elaine Campbell, country doctor Jim Bowen, author Sheree Fitch, photographer Freeman Patterson, comedian dentist Marina Sexton, theatre director Duncan McIntosh, minister Elizabeth Stevenson, university president Wade MacLauchlan, and actor Deb Allen reveal their passionate connections to the people, places, and animals that inspire their deepest trust, their most intimate contact, and their unconditional love.

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  • Kira's Crossing Cover

    Kira’s Crossing

    Created by: Orysia Dawydiak

    Five years had passed since Kira discovered that she was a mermaid adopted by a fisherman and his wife. Her birth parents were merrow royalty who had been imprisoned by their enemies, the shape shifting Finfolk. The Finfolk had also taken over Merhaven, the hereditary undersea home of the West Atlantic merrows. Encouraged by merrow clans and supported by the local fishing community, Kira decided to join a Merhaven recovery mission. Also volunteering for the operation was Janus, a mysterious, handsome young merrow from the North Sea, as well as several Spegars, large merrows from across the Atlantic, who hunted with spears. In the chaos that followed the mission, Kira found herself on an unexpected journey that would take her across the continent and a fight for her own survival.

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  • Kira's Quest

    Kira’s Quest

    Created by: Orysia Dawydiak

    Now that Kira knows the secret of her past, she can’t help but want to know more about her underwater world. 

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  • Kira's Secret

    Kira’s Secret

    Created by: Orysia Dawydiak

    Twelve-year-old Kira loves to swim. But her parents, who adopted her as a baby, have forbidden her to go near the sea where they live on the north Atlantic coast. Frustrated by their rules, Kira decides to rebel and jumps into the icy waters. She is shocked by what she learns about herself. With the help of her friend Cody, Kira begins the search for her original family. She soon discovers why her adoptive parents were afraid to let her go into the sea.

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  • Landmarks: An Anthology

    Landmarks: An Anthology

    Poetry by 50 of the Atlantic region’s finest poets

  • Last Tomato

    Last Tomato

    Created by: Jane Ledwell

    Jane Ledwell grew up in Prince Edward Island. She won first prize for both prose and poetry in the Atlantic Writing Awards in 2001, and has been published in journals such as blueSHIFT and anthologies such as Landmarks and A Bountiful Harvest. She lives and writes in Charlottetown.

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  • Placeholder

    Legends of Prince Edward Island

    Long isolated from their fellow countrymen by the Strait of Northumberland, the inhabitants of Prince Edward Island developed personal characteristics and a way of life peculiarly their own. These stories depict Islanders and that way of life before modern transportation linked the Island Province with the mainland.

    The book contains fifty-nine stories set against the background of the Garden of the Gulf before the turn of the century. Some of the legends are written in the Island dialect and any persons and places in the areas are mentioned by name. Legends of Prince Edward Island is the result of years spent in collecting the now almost forgotten folklore of pioneer days.

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  • Lionel F. Stevenson Fifty Years of Photographs

    Lionel F. Stevenson Fifty Years of Photographs

    Created by: Pan Wendt

    A companion to an exhibit at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery


    This survey of work by distinguished Canadian photographer, Lionel F. Stevenson, elaborates on the exhibition Lionel F. Stevenson: Fifty Years of Photographs (1962-2012), and illustrates Stevenson’s long fascination with documentary and artistic works ranging from the poetic, personal landscapes, to street scenes, and architectural subjects. Also illustrated are portraits, including selections from his acclaimed series Elders of Prince Edward Island. The book features an essay on Stevenson’s career by Pan Wendt.


    Pan Wendt grew up in Prince Edward Island, where he is now curator at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery. He received his M.A. in art history from Williams College, and is a PhD candidate at Yale University. He has contributed writing to numerous art publications, including Funkaesthetics (Justine M. Barnicke Gallery, University of Toronto); A Modern World (Yale University Press); and Oh, Canada! (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art).

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  • Living Full Circle Cover

    Living Full Circle

    Created by: Jenene Wooldridge

    PLAN YOUR YEAR WITH THE LIVING FULL CIRCLE PLANNER. In this planner, author Jenene Wooldridge shares her insights and personal experience on how she incorporates teachings of the medicine wheel around balance and living with purpose to live her life and achieve success. She shares the importance of contemplation, preparation, goals and how they connect to Living Full Circle.

    Discover what works for you, develop healthy habits and create goals with intention to live your best. With twelve themed months and 52 weeks of guided reflection, this planner provides a foundation for your ideal life. Track your progress and learn from its useful tips and inspiration as you grow.

    • Created by you, for you!
    • Delivers clarity for daily living
    • Guided reflection to increase self-awareness and productivity
    • Goal setting, habit tracking and intentional living

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  • Long Reach Home

    Long Reach Home

    Created by: Dianne Hicks Morrow

    Reaching back through a family full of stories and characters, from Newfoundland on her mother’s side to New Brunswick on her father’s, the poems in Long Reach Home are characteristically personal, warm, and accessible- by turns humorous, by turns enraged- but always engaged with the world, distilling simple pleasures and fundamental human struggles from everyday experience.

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  • Lookbook!


    Created by: Jordan McIntyre

    Jordan McIntyre teaches part-time in the History Department at the University of Prince Edward Island. She researches Canadian museums, aboriginal history, and art history. She is currently working to develop a hands-on Children’s Museum on PEI and was inspired to write this series after many delightful and educational trips with her three young children.

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