Prince Edward Island Then and Now



ISBN: :9781927502549

Prince Edward Island Then and Now

  Author:   Scott MacDonald  
  Photographer :   Victor Runtz    
  Publisher:  Acorn Press

Vic Runtz, a long-time cartoonist for The Guardian newspaper in Charlottetown, had a large collection of phototgraphs from his time there. Through his position with the newspaper, he was able to get to know Elton Woodside, the Flying Farmer who delivered the newspapers across the province therefore allowing for highly-detailed aerial photographs of many of the communities at the time. Upon discovering this amazing collection, D. Scott MacDonald set out on the task to take photographs of the same communities today.

Together with photos from Vic’s collection that shows his varied interest in the Island, Prince Edward Island Then and Now is a fascinating look at the way the Island has changed over the past sixty years.

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PublisherAcorn Press
PublishedMay 15 2016
Language eng
Pages 88
Format Hardcover
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D. Scott MacDonald hired a plane in order to try to get to the same shot Runtz was able to get in 1947. MacDonald also set about researching the images to add some background and some names to the group shots. The result is a fascinating portrayal of the Island and the way its communities have changed over 70 years.

Victor (Vic) Runtz was born in Arnprior, Ontario in 1922. During his navy career in WWII he visited Charlottetown and fell in love with an ?islander? and ?the Island?. After a career as editorial cartoonist at The Guardian, the family moved to Bangor, Maine, but the love of P.E.I. never diminished. Upon retirement he returned to P.E.I where he died at the age of 79.