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Ken’s Corner

Created by: Katie Mac
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Neilly Reid finds herself swindled into pushing paper in a crooked public works department. She can handle the bureaucracy, a bit of white-collar crime, and the dim-witted local police, but things get dicey when she catches feelings for Jesse Root, the bag man for the small-town mob.

From the Ken’s Corner parking lot, Jesse is plotting to win a seat in the provincial legislature. He needs Neilly by his side to sanitize his image while he juggles the demands of Mr. R, the mobster who runs the seedy underbelly of this postcard-perfect town. Shep, an ambitious beat cop, also sets his eyes on Neilly, suspecting she is the weak link he needs to bring down the whole operation.

When their schemes threaten the one thing she cares about, Neilly sets a plan in motion that no one is going to like.

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Praise for Ken's Corner

“KEN’S CORNER is for anyone who loves a darkly funny story about the seedy underbelly of a postcard perfect small town.

With this fast-paced story about politics and the leverage of knowing where the bodies are buried, Mac is a fresh voice in an old crime genre, stripping the age-old quest for money, power and legacy down to its studs.

This poorly organized crime family is holding it all together on charisma, tradition and luck, and you’ll want to be along for the ride as it all falls apart.” ~ Harvey Sawler


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