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Butter Tart Island

Created by: Hope Dalvay
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Twelve-year-old Jane Smith isn’t surprised when her parents announce they’re relocating, but her life is about to change, big-time. Maybe she isn?t the only one with secrets.

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Jane Smith holds her breath, desperately hoping her aim to be true. Thonk! The Dart of Destiny makes contact. Jane’s life is about to change, big-time?and she’s okay with that.

Twelve-year-old Jane Smith isn’t surprised when her parents announce they’re relocating. This is nothing new. Every few years, they move to a different street in their city, in search of the perfect home. But even Jane is shocked when her parents rely on a dart thrown at a map of Canada to determine their next move. Just where is Fare Thee Well, Prince Edward Island, anyway? Never mind. The Dart of Destiny has spoken. It’s far away, and that’s all that matters.

Jane arrives on Prince Edward Island at the worst possible time: the horrible, terrible, dreadful winter of 2015. Historic blizzards transform Canada’s smallest province into one long snowbank. Living there is like being trapped in a snow globe. Not to mention, it’s the middle of the schoolyear. Not exactly the best time to make new friends.

That all changes when Jane becomes pen pals with Random Radcliff. He hails from the micronation of Butter Tart Island, and he has the goofiest sense of humour. So what if Butter Tart Island doesn’t show up on any map? And it shouldn’t bother her that Random Radcliff is cagey about revealing anything about his life?right?

Maybe Jane isn’t the only one with secrets.

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