• Love You More than Anything

    Love You More than Anything

    Created by: Doretta Groenendyk

    This colourful new picture book by Doretta Groenendyk is filled with whimsical images of love from many different backgrounds. It is about the expression of glee, surprise, intense emotion and delight. It is between friends and neighbors, children or seniors, women and family.

    This book crosses cultures and generations, social change and tradition. It exudes warmth and playfulness, sharing whimsical images and sweet memory. The childlike, playful evaluation and understatement of “what is loved more” is immediately addictive.

    Each  colourful, whimsical page depicts a different “couple” enjoying the expressed scene together, two  grandparents, two teenagers, a girl and her granny, two boys, a boy and a girl, two men,  young girlfriends, a child and parent, persons of diverse race, religion, size….essentially  love happening between anyone, anywhere. Love You More than Anything is a simple, beautiful book to remember love.

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  • Maple Sugar Pie

    Maple Sugar Pie

    Created by: Susan White

    Maple Sugar Pie is the story of Hazel Whitford and her family’s past, Told through old black and white photographs, we see the events that caused deep fractures in her family and her estrangement from her husband and all but one of her living children.

    We also see the story through the eyes of Hazel’s grandson Michael’s wife Jennifer, who live with the elderly Hazel for five years. After Hazel’s death Jen and Mike’s future on the farm, and the small business Jen has started, could be in jeopardy. Jen plans a reunion for the Canada Day long weekend hoping to reunite the family and to gain title to the farm. But will the estranged family want to return and will they be able to come to terms with the pain the events of the past have caused?

  • Maritime Seafood Chowders

    Maritime Seafood Chowders, Soups and More

    Created by: Paul Lucas

    Prince Edward Island Chef Paul Lucas is back with another book that’s chock full of new ways of cooking old fare – and vice versa. With his first book, Prince Edward Island Seafood: Local Fare, Global Flavours, Chef Paul created seafood fusion dishes that were fit for a (future) king and queen. Now he goes back to basics, focusing on soups and sauces that form the basis of most good recipes – which, of course, he includes here. In these 64 pages you’ll find everything you need to know about making good soup stock – beef, pork, fish, veggie – and sauces – white, velouté, glace, fruit purée – then turning them into a soups and stews, risotto and bouillabaisse, which will leave your guests feeling like royalty, too. Paul writes recipes like he’s talking to you in your own kitchen. Whether it’s common-sense stuff, like “There’s no sense in wasting time in producing a fine dice of vegetables if your end product is going to be puréed,” or quips like “When it comes to stocks, size does matter,” Lucas adds as much zest to the writing of recipes as he does to the recipes themselves.

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  • Maurice the moose

    Maurice the Moose

    Created by: Lorne Elliott

    Maurice the Moose is lonely. So lonely, in fact, that when one day, he is attracted to the call of what he thinks is another moose. He runs far and wide to respond to the call only to find that instead of another friendly moose, it is the call of a moose hunter that has attracted him. Luckily, another moose has answered the call and scares away the hunter. And, most importantly, the Maurice makes a new friend. Maurice the Moose is about making friends in unlikely circumstances as well as the strong bond that is formed when thrown together.

    Lorne Elliott has performed from Newfoundland to New York City, from Los Angeles to Australia and points in between. Lorne started performing in 1974 as a folk musician in East Coast Canada. At the same time he kept writing fiction as well as songs, monologues and one-liners. The outcome of such a training is a very special show of comedy and music, totally original, entertaining, foolish and uplifting. Along with his unique performance style it is the timelessness of his material, joined with keen observations on today’s trends that make Lorne Elliott’s work so special. He is the author of Beach Reading and a novella The Fixer Upper. This is his first picture book.

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  • Memories of Christmas Cover

    Memories of Christmas

    Created by: Marlene Campbell
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  • Mercy Mercy cover web

    Mercy, Mercy

    Created by: Marlene Stanton

    Smart, sarcastic TV reporter Mercy Pepper struggles with feelings of guilt after her cameraman dies while on assignment with her. A news tape that he had hidden in his personal effects contains a secretly recorded conversation, and Mercy picks up the scent of corruption. She soon finds herself mired in the muck of provincial politics—the power brokers and the opportunists and those willing to go to extreme measures for a piece of the pie.

    With a keen observer’s eye and sharp, sparkling wit, Stanton, a former news reporter, delivers a compelling crime/mystery story with a satisfying dash of romance.

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  • -7%Special price Mi’kmaq Campfire

    Mi’kmaq Campfire Stories of Prince Edward Island

    The Mi’kmaq people have been here since the ice began to melt over this great land. They learned the medicines in nature to keep them healthy and they hunted the animals of the land and fished the waters of the sea. During the summer months they would gather in large community groups to celebrate, dance and sing. When the cold winds started to blow, they would go off in their own little family units to survive the winter. It was a hard life and it was always a struggle to make it through the long cold winters. One thing is certain, at night, by the campfire under the stars those families would tell stories, stories about who they were, where they came from, and all the lessons they needed to learn about life. Those stories passed on traditions, songs, language and the culture of the Mi’kmaq people.

    Here we present to you just a couple of those stories that were passed down from generation to generation. Hear them, learn from them, experience them, but most of all enjoy them!

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  • Mind over Mussels

    Mind over Mussels

    Created by: Hilary MacLeod

    Nothing big ever happens in The Shores. Ceilidhs, yes. Killings, no.

    That all changes when amateur sleuth, Hy McAllister trips over a body on the beach and tumbles head first into a murder case. Cottager Lance Lord, dressed like Jimi Hendrix, has had his head split open with an axe. As Hurricane Angus storms up the coast, Hy and Mountie Jane Jamieson vie against the elements to uncover the murderer in a village where almost everyone has something to hide.

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  • Minding the House Volume II 1993-2017

    Minding the House Volume II 1993-2017

    This follow-up collection of biographies of Prince Edward Island MLAs provides an important resource for political buffs or anyone who is interested in policies that shape the province. It records a part of Island history that is not often told—the stories of those who have dedicated a portion of their career to public life. This second volume of Minding the House will be of interest to all Islanders and those who wish to learn the recent history of Prince Edward Island.

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  • Minegoo


    Created by: Sandra Dodge

    A long time ago, the Great Spirit created all of the sky and stars but it wasn’t enough. He then made a beautiful place called Minegoo, a place so beautiful that He almost placed it amongst the stars. He decided that instead, he would place Minegoo in the most beautiful spot on earth. He summoned Kluskap and asked him to find this spot. After searching the whole world, Kluskap found the Shining Waters, the spot in the Gulf of St. Lawrence that would be home of the Mi’kmaq people created in his own image.

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  • Monday's Child Cover

    Monday’s Child

    Created by: Renée Blanchette
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  • ByGoneDays

    More Bygone Days

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