Her Teeth are Stones



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Her Teeth are Stones

  Author:   Judy Gaudet    
  Publisher:  Acorn Press

Each of Judy Gaudet’s poems is a path to somewhere resonant, redolent of memories and anticipations both bittersweet and beautiful. She traces the paths the mind and body takes purposefully, as well as those it happens onto, by chance or consequence. The poems light on home and history, travel afar, return again. They are marked by the toughness of wholly looking and experiencing and are leavened by wry humour and true gratitude for the beauty and magic that touch the earth’s days — and our human ones, tripping over the stones of her path. Her Teeth Are Stones is Judy Gaudet’s first full-length poetry book, following her chapbook Poems, you say.

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Item AC0008
PublisherAcorn Press
PublishedJanuary 2 2006
Language eng
Pages 64
Format Paperback
Dimensions6(in) x 9(in)
Judy Gaudet, for many years a teacher and teacher-librarian, now retired, lives with her partner David in Eldon PEI, where she enjoys dog-walking, gardening and painting as well as writing. She is the author of three books of poetry, Conversation with Crows (Oberon) (recently shortlisted for the PEI Poetry Award), Her Teeth Are Stones (Acorn), and Poems, you say (Saturday Morning Chapbooks).