• A Reluctant Search for Spiritual Truths

    A Reluctant Search for Spiritual Truths

    When Adrian McNally Smith was writing his family memoir Finding Forgiveness, he was struck by the number of times he had had spiritual encounters. The journey of writing the story of his life and his relationships brought home to him the fact that he had felt a sense of hubris before many important and life-changing moments in his life. Going through the process of forgiveness and the counseling he needed to forgive his father awakened in him the desire to dig deeper into these encounters and what it means to be embrace spirituality. This reluctant search changed his life and sparked a whole new awareness of spirituality.

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  • Acadian Christmas Traditions

    Acadian Christmas Traditions

    Based on written sources and interviews with Acadians throughout the Maritimes, Acadian Christmas Traditions offers a fascinating look at the evolution of Christmas. This very readable book shows how customs, both spiritual and secular, take hold in families, in villages, and in a culture as a whole. Georges Arsenault, the well-known historian and folklorist, examines all the aspects of the feast of Christmas, from midnight mass to holiday foods. As he chronicles the cultural changes that have taken place over the centuries, he proves that Acadian Christmas today is the result of a wonderful blending of old, new, and borrowed traditions.

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  • An Island Christmas Reader (Updated edition)

    An Island Christmas Reader (Updated edition)

    An Island Christmas Reader is a book about Christmas past and present on Prince Edward Island. In 22 stories and essays, David Weale combines reminiscences of Islanders with his own musings to rekindle the memory of Christmas, where imagination and magic work hand in hand to create the “unsullied wonder of childhood vision.”

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  • ashtanga

    Ashtanga Yoga: The Definitive Guide to Therapeutic & Traditional Yoga

    This ground–breaking guide to Ashtanga yoga, by two of the world’s leading teachers, Manju Jois and Greg Tebb, is the only book on yoga you’ll ever need.

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  • Eating Well with Karin

    Eating Well with Karin

    Eating well has never tasted so good! Karin Antolick brings her experiences from her catering and farmer’s market business to the page for the first time. Scrumptious recipes include classics such as Miso Soup and Hummus, but also include some of Karin’s signature recipes such as Karin’s Crazy Cheese Ball, African Chick Pea and Peanut Stew, and Spelt, Cranberry and Walnut Cake a.k.a Catch (or Keep) a Husband Cake. Working with fresh ingredients that can be sourced locally, Karin has compiled healthy and delicious recipes that include vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options — options for every body!

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  • Fixing up the Farmhouse

    Fixing up the Farmhouse

    When Dianne Morrow and her husband, Andy, first saw the ramshackle old farmhouse, they fell in love. What they didn’t see was the years of work it would take to make the old house a home. Morrow describes, through essays, journal entries and poetry, the triumphs and the challenges of rebuilding a cozy farmhouse – and nurturing a growing brood of kids and animals. Often humourous, sometimes sad, this is the story of building a home, and a life under the Lindens.

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  • Living Full Circle Cover

    Living Full Circle

    PLAN YOUR YEAR WITH THE LIVING FULL CIRCLE PLANNER. In this planner, author Jenene Wooldridge shares her insights and personal experience on how she incorporates teachings of the medicine wheel around balance and living with purpose to live her life and achieve success. She shares the importance of contemplation, preparation, goals and how they connect to Living Full Circle.

    Discover what works for you, develop healthy habits and create goals with intention to live your best. With twelve themed months and 52 weeks of guided reflection, this planner provides a foundation for your ideal life. Track your progress and learn from its useful tips and inspiration as you grow.

    • Created by you, for you!
    • Delivers clarity for daily living
    • Guided reflection to increase self-awareness and productivity
    • Goal setting, habit tracking and intentional living

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  • Maritime Seafood Chowders

    Maritime Seafood Chowders, Soups and More

    Prince Edward Island Chef Paul Lucas is back with another book that’s chock full of new ways of cooking old fare – and vice versa. With his first book, Prince Edward Island Seafood: Local Fare, Global Flavours, Chef Paul created seafood fusion dishes that were fit for a (future) king and queen. Now he goes back to basics, focusing on soups and sauces that form the basis of most good recipes – which, of course, he includes here. In these 64 pages you’ll find everything you need to know about making good soup stock – beef, pork, fish, veggie – and sauces – white, velouté, glace, fruit purée – then turning them into a soups and stews, risotto and bouillabaisse, which will leave your guests feeling like royalty, too. Paul writes recipes like he’s talking to you in your own kitchen. Whether it’s common-sense stuff, like “There’s no sense in wasting time in producing a fine dice of vegetables if your end product is going to be puréed,” or quips like “When it comes to stocks, size does matter,” Lucas adds as much zest to the writing of recipes as he does to the recipes themselves.

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  • Prince Edward Island Seafood : Local Fare

    Prince Edward Island Seafood : Local Fare, Global Flavours

    Paul Lucas is the executive chef of a world-famous seafood restaurant on the Charlottetown waterfront. He draws on local, classical, and international flavours to inspire and create original true fusion cuisine that is truly his own. He lives in Stratford with wife Bethany and their two children.

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    RESET Journal

    The RESET:breathe journal is a compilation of all things ‘feel good.’

    Everyone was born with the right to live their life feeling the best they absolutely can but sometimes we just forget how.

    Each day you will be asked to track the things that contribute to us feeling our best. Things like top priorities, sleep, energy and movement. The journal finishes with challenges and blank pages.

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  • Snow Softly Falling

    Snow Softly Falling

    A call was sent out asking writers to submit unpublished short stories for a fiction anthology featuring writers with a significant P.E.I. connection. Ther qualification was that it the story be about the holidays. PEI is strong on tradition, which includes out-migration and immigration. Thus, its culture and demographics are changing, and these PEI writers both are Island-born and hail from away.

    The result is a collection of stories, essays and poems that will resonate with readers from all backgrounds.  

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  • Tales From Willowshade Farm

    Tales From Willowshade Farm

    Betty Howatt has spent half a century on her family’s fruit farm in Prince Edward Island, within sight and sound of the Northumberland Strait. In this collection of stories, she shares her gardening lore, her memories of days gone by, and her prodigious knowledge of the flora and fauna around her. Told with wisdom, humour, and a refreshing lack of sentimentality, these chronicles are both entertaining and informative, and give the reader a tantalizing glimpse into a fast disappearing world of peace and beauty on a small family farm.