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The Wright Retreat

Created by: Susan White
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Sylvia Drummond Wright needs to escape. A Toronto-based, Giller-longlisted novelist who’s been married thirty years, she secretly buys a dilapidated old lodge in New Brunswick and plans to move there with her grandmother and her disabled adult daughter. But her husband, Kent, takes over and, capitalizing on his wife’s success, turns the lodge into a business venture — a writing retreat. Sylvia is determined not to have anything to do with the Wright Retreat, but as an eclectic group of people converges in the renovated lodge by the water, compelling stories and beautiful friendships emerge, and Sylvia finds herself drawn in. There’s Janice, a residential school survivor. Irma, whose husband has dragged her here, and who carries an unbelievable grief. Veronica and Dot, who each carry terrible secrets connected to this very lodge, which used to be a Catholic girls’ home and was the site of unbelievable cruelty. By the time the retreat is over, not a single person is unchanged — least of all Sylvia. Even the lodge itself has been transformed from a place of terror to one of healing. The Wright Retreat is an irresistible celebration of story, friendship, and the astonishing power of connection.

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“Ambitious, engaging, and chock-full of wisdom, The Wright Retreat comes in layers you peel back slowly and find yourself peering into the private lives of writers. Susan White’s very real, very human and troubled characters draw us in and keep us enthralled. As with a real-life writing retreat, The Wright Retreat makes us care about a bunch of people we just met and didn’t know we needed to know. We feel their trepidation, as well as the audacity of their dreams, and we applaud their attempts at redemption. The Wright Retreat offers us all a place to call home, at least in our hearts, for as long as the story goes, and beyond.”– Gerard Collins, Author of The Hush Sisters