Love You More than Anything



ISBN: :9781927502938

Love You More than Anything

  Author:   Doretta Groenendyk    
  Publisher:  Acorn Press

I love you more than the soft smell of fresh bread baking.
I love you more than riding my bike on a cosy night beneath the moon.
I love you more than a hot bubble bath on a cold winter’s day.
I love you more than the wistful sound of a choir singing a sad song.
I love you more than tiny snowflakes waltzing on lights.

This colourful new picture book by Doretta Groenendyk is filled with whimsical images of love from many different backgrounds. It is about the expression of glee, surprise, intense emotion and delight.æIt is between friends and neighbors, children or seniors, women and family.

This book crosses cultures and generations, social change and tradition. It exudes warmth and playfulness, sharing whimsical images and sweet memory. The childlike, playful evaluation and understatement of “what is loved more” is immediately addictive.

Eachæ colourful, whimsical page depicts a different “couple” enjoying the expressed scene together, twoæ grandparents, two teenagers, a girl and her granny, two boys, a boy and a girl, two men,æ young girlfriends, a child and parent, persons of diverse race, religion, size….essentiallyæ love happening between anyone, anywhere. Love You More than Anything is a simple, beautiful book to remember love.


Details and Specs
Item AC0150
PublisherAcorn Press
PublishedOctober 23 2017
Language eng
Pages 32
Format Hardcover
Dimensions9(in) x 9(in)
Doretta Groenendyk, a painter, writer and teacher, lives with her husband and three children in the Annapolis Valley, NS. Doretta is the illustrator of the children's book Bound Beans and Burn and the author and illustrator of Hockey Morning, Noon and Night, I'm Drawing a Picture, I'm Writing a Story, as well as Snow for Christmas, and Thank You for My Bed, both of which have been shortlisted for the Lillian Shepherd Memorial Award for Illustration.


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