• A Reluctant Search for Spiritual Truths

    A Reluctant Search for Spiritual Truths

    When Adrian McNally Smith was writing his family memoir Finding Forgiveness, he was struck by the number of times he had had spiritual encounters. The journey of writing the story of his life and his relationships brought home to him the fact that he had felt a sense of hubris before many important and life-changing moments in his life. Going through the process of forgiveness and the counseling he needed to forgive his father awakened in him the desire to dig deeper into these encounters and what it means to be embrace spirituality. This reluctant search changed his life and sparked a whole new awareness of spirituality.

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  • ashtanga

    Ashtanga Yoga: The Definitive Guide to Therapeutic & Traditional Yoga

    This ground–breaking guide to Ashtanga yoga, by two of the world’s leading teachers, Manju Jois and Greg Tebb, is the only book on yoga you’ll ever need.

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    RESET Journal

    The RESET:breathe journal is a compilation of all things ‘feel good.’

    Everyone was born with the right to live their life feeling the best they absolutely can but sometimes we just forget how.

    Each day you will be asked to track the things that contribute to us feeling our best. Things like top priorities, sleep, energy and movement. The journal finishes with challenges and blank pages.

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