The Sea That Sings To Me



ISBN: :9781773661278

The Sea That Sings To Me

  Author:   Kara Griffin  
  Artist :   Marla Lesage    
  Publisher:  Acorn Press

In this story an Island girl can hear music in the ocean — not as a metaphor, but as melodies, percussion, harmonies ringing from the waves.

She tries to find someone else in the town who can hear what she hears, but everyone is toonoisy and busy to pay attention.

When a giant storm comes to her town, it makes an enormous cacophony — and in the silence afterwards, when the townspeople finally put down their work and come down to the water’s edge, the girl finally meets a friend who can hear the music too.

With lyrical words and beautiful illustrations, The Sea that Sings to Me is an ode to the specialconnection we have with the natural world.

Details and Specs
Item AC0212
PublisherAcorn Press
Language Eng
Pages 32
Format Paperback
Dimensions8(in) x 10(in)
Status Active Title
Kara Griffin was born and raised in beautiful Prince Edward Island, where she now lives. Her hopeful stories celebrate the beauty and wonder of nature and invite us to see and understand the world through our hearts. She is the author of The Sea That Sings To Me (2023) and Flitt's Call (2023). Visit her at

Marla Lesage is an artist, illustrator, writer, and dreamer. She lives in New Brunswick with her favourite scallywags and several fish. Her first book, Pirate, Year Round, was published in 2019. She is the illustrator of Broken Crayons, written by Patsy Dingwell.


    Deirdre Kessler author of Lobster in My Pocket 
    The Sea that Sings to Me by Kara Griffin is a charming parable about the opening of hearts to the magic of the music of the sea. An Island girl has the ability to hear the myriad melodies and harmonies of the ocean in all its moods, while those around her are so engaged in or distracted by the noise of modern life that they cannot hear the songs of the sea until a storm knocks out the power of the seaside town. Deirdre Kessler

       — Catherine Edward, author of The Whither Poems 
      Put a conch to an ear and listen to the ocean. We can all hear it. But what if we could hear the rest of the music the sea sings? Kara Griffin's captivating book The Sea the Sings to Me introduces us to an Island girl who has the gift of knowing the ocean's secrets through its music.  This is no flippant talent. If we could remember what it was like to be a child, purely open to the world's mystery and magic, maybe we would hear the sea sing too. The girl wonders why only she hears the sea's music and tries to unlock the secret. Come along and find out. Sea song awaits.