More Bygone Days



ISBN: :9781773660806

More Bygone Days

Moonshine, Dancing' & Romancin'

  Author:   Reginald “Dutch” Thompson    
  Publisher:  Acorn Press

Reginald—”Dutch”—Thompson is back with more stories from the Bygone Days. Dutch, a multi-faceted storyteller and CBC broadcaster’s regular column on CBC Radio’s Mainstreet collects fascinating interviews with Maritimers who have lived through generations of change in the kitchen. Throughout the years of chronicling Maritime history, Dutch found himself collecting tales from around the hearth, complete with recipes and a tips for cooking recipes from days of old.

From CBC Radio to the pages of Dutch’s second book, you’ll hear Dutch’s encouraging voice bringing to light the poignant, and hilarious stories from the kitchen as early as 1895 preserving this important part of Maritime history for future Maritimers.

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Item AC0195
PublisherAcorn Press
Format Paperback
Dimensions9(in) x 6(in)
Reginald “Dutch” Thompson has worked in film theatre television and radio but his true love is collecting stories and memories from the bygone days in the Maritimes. His 900 recorded hours of oral history and folklore led to a 27 year and counting column on CBC radio and numerous heritage awards. He lives in a 170 year old house in Bunbury, Prince Edward Island.