• Follow the Goose Butt to Prince Edward Island Cover

    Follow the Goose Butt to Prince Edward Island

    Artist: Odette Barr

    “This is Aviator 123…Prepare for landing!”

    The loveable young Canada goose, Camelia Airheart, is back again for another comical adventure! While attending the Gathering of the Geese in New Brunswick, Camelia takes off on an unexpected side trip and flies over the Confederation Bridge to the red sands of Prince Edward Island. Although she loves to fly, Camelia is easily distracted and has difficulty navigating with a faulty GPS—goose positioning system. She also has trouble with her landings. Camelia gets lost (a lot!) and relies on new friends she meets on her travels to help find her way. Whether it is golfing with Gilbert, the great blue heron, discovering sands that sing with Josie, the jellyfish, or causing chaos at Green Gables, Camelia has an exciting and eventful time following the Island’s coastline. She even learns important life lessons along the way.

    Will Camelia be able to find her way around the Island and get back to her flock? Is her GPS as faulty as she has always believed?

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