• Born !

    Born !

    Award-winning children’s author Deirdre Kessler has set her latest story in the late summer of 1864. Nine-year-old twins Gabriel and Grace help their parents run the Great George Street Livery Stables in Charlottetown. They are part of all the excitement as a circus comes to town and as politicians arrive by steamship from the Maritimes and the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada. The twins have drawing lessons with their friend, fourteen-year-old artist Robert Harris, who plays in the band that entertains the delegates at a grand banquet and ball at Province House. But the twins are most excited about their favourite horse, who is about to give birth to her first foal. Travel back in time to the streets of Charlottetown for an insider’s peek at the meetings that led to Confederation, beautifully illustrated by award-winning illustrator, Brenda Jones.

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  • Bubba Begonia

    Bubba Begonia, You’ll Be Sorry

    Bubba Begonia is a young boy who desperately wants to make a good impression on the first day at his new school. But Bubba is nervous. Very nervous. And when he gets nervous his finger just seems to naturally head to his nose. “Bubba! Don’t be messin’ with your nose,” admonishes his mother. “Your finger’ll get stuck and then you’ll be sorry!”But Deerwatson Elementary isn’t your ordinary school. And Bubba’s classmates aren’t your ordinary students. In meeting the zaniest bunch of kids ever assembled, Bubba makes a memorable first impression when his mother’s words of warning come true.In his first chapter book (ages 8 and up), Gerry O’Brien creates an hilarious story of a young boy who overcomes an embarrassing personal habit with the help of his equally embarrassing little sister.

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  • Comment Naquirent

    Comment Naquirent

    L’action du dernier roman de l’auteure primée de livres pour enfants Deirdre Kessler se déroule à l’été de 1864. Les jumeaux Gabriel et Grace, de neuf ans, aident leurs parents à l’écurie familiale de la rue Great George, à Charlottetown. Ils assistent à toute l’excitation provoquée par la venue d’un cirque en ville et l’arrivée par bateau de politiciens des Maritimes et de la province du Canada-Uni. Les jumeaux suivent des leçons de dessin de leur ami, l’artiste Robert Harris, de quatorze ans, qui joue dans l’orchestre chargé de divertir les délégués lors du grand bal et du banquet offerts à l’édifice colonial. Mais les jumeaux sont plus excités à cause de leur cheval préféré, qui va bientàt donner naissance à son premier poulain.

    Remontez dans le temps et parcourez les rues de Charlottetown pour jeter un regard sur les réunions ayant mené à la Confédération, avec ce livre magnifiquement illustré par l’artiste primée Brenda Jones.

  • Island Morning

    Island Morning

    Created by: Rachna Gilmore
    Artist: Brenda Jones

    Island Mornging is a gentle story of a girl and her grandfather’s early morning walk through the fields of Prince Edward Island. On their journey, they see gentle pastures, farm animals, scenic vistas and a glorious sunrise. But this walk is about more than just viewing the beautiful scenery. It is also about the special time between grandfather and granddaughter and how they see the world through each other’s eyes.  

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  • My Mother is Weird

    My Mother is Weird

    A hilarious look at a child’s view of a mother’s bad day. Originally published in 1989 by Ragweed Press, this book is considered to be a P.E.I. classic. This unique view of mother’s “bad day” through the observant eyes of a child is a weird and wonderful story for parents and children. My mother is so weird. Some mornings, when she wakes up, she has horns on her head and long pointy teeth and claws. She speaks in a voice like a jackhammer. But after her morning coffee, Mom’s horns disappear, and her teeth and claws shrink back to normal. She speaks in a soft, smooth voice. But, one morning…we ran out of coffee…

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