• Acadian Christmas Traditions

    Acadian Christmas Traditions

    Based on written sources and interviews with Acadians throughout the Maritimes, Acadian Christmas Traditions offers a fascinating look at the evolution of Christmas. This very readable book shows how customs, both spiritual and secular, take hold in families, in villages, and in a culture as a whole. Georges Arsenault, the well-known historian and folklorist, examines all the aspects of the feast of Christmas, from midnight mass to holiday foods. As he chronicles the cultural changes that have taken place over the centuries, he proves that Acadian Christmas today is the result of a wonderful blending of old, new, and borrowed traditions.

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  • An Island Christmas Reader (Updated edition)

    An Island Christmas Reader (Updated edition)

    An Island Christmas Reader is a book about Christmas past and present on Prince Edward Island. In 22 stories and essays, David Weale combines reminiscences of Islanders with his own musings to rekindle the memory of Christmas, where imagination and magic work hand in hand to create the “unsullied wonder of childhood vision.”

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  • Snow Softly Falling

    Snow Softly Falling

    A call was sent out asking writers to submit unpublished short stories for a fiction anthology featuring writers with a significant P.E.I. connection. Ther qualification was that it the story be about the holidays. PEI is strong on tradition, which includes out-migration and immigration. Thus, its culture and demographics are changing, and these PEI writers both are Island-born and hail from away.

    The result is a collection of stories, essays and poems that will resonate with readers from all backgrounds.  

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  • True Meaning of Crumbfest

    True Meaning of Crumbfest

    “Winner of the Ann Connor Brimer Award for Children’s Literature; over 17,000 copies in print; animated Christmas special on TELETOON, with the spin-off series Eckhart The True Meaning of Crumbfest is the story of a curious little mouse named Ekhart, who sets off to discover the truth about that most abundant time of year called “”Crumbfest,”” when bounteous crumbs miraculously appear in the old Prince Edward Island farmhouse in which he lives. Much anthologized – particularly by CBC Radio’s “Fireside Al”- this a heartwarming tale of the magic that happens when the “Outside” and the “Inside” come together.”

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