• A Few White Lies Cover

    A Few White Lies

    Created by: Lorne Elliott
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  • Sea of Spectres Cover

    A Sea of Spectres

    Created by: Nancy Taber

    On the choppy coastline of Prince Edward Island, an ocean-phobic detective evades the deadly lure of a phantom ship by delving into her family’s history and harnessing her matrilineal powers of premonition.

    Raina is an accomplished detective working against smugglers and traffickers on PEI, and she’s eager for an imminent promotion. But there’s a catch: she has to go work on a Coast Guard ship for a week. And Raina, though Island born and raised, loathes the sea. When she gets too close to it, the phantom ship starts calling to her, and the lure of its deadly cold flames threatens to overwhelm her.

    When she starts pulling the threads of a missing-person case, she discovers how Doiron women’s uncanny abilities have impacted her ancestral line: Madeleine’s powers tried to keep her family safe during the Expulsion of the Acadians in 1758; Celeste’s tempted her to take back what was rightfully hers in 1864. Generation after generation of women have had to reckon with what their abilities can and can’t do to protect their families. And now it’s Raina’s turn. Is she strong enough to carry her family’s legacy? Or will that legacy carry her—out into the burning sea of spectres? Debut novelist Nancy Taber deftly braids three timelines together, each as engaging and fully drawn as the other. With whip-smart contemporary dialogue and moving, evocative historical writing, she brings to life three different generations of Acadian women in a riveting, crackling, chilling mystery.

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  • Kens Corner Cover

    Ken’s Corner

    Created by: Katie Mac

    Neilly Reid finds herself swindled into pushing paper in a crooked public works department. She can handle the bureaucracy, a bit of white-collar crime, and the dim-witted local police, but things get dicey when she catches feelings for Jesse Root, the bag man for the small-town mob.

    From the Ken’s Corner parking lot, Jesse is plotting to win a seat in the provincial legislature. He needs Neilly by his side to sanitize his image while he juggles the demands of Mr. R, the mobster who runs the seedy underbelly of this postcard-perfect town. Shep, an ambitious beat cop, also sets his eyes on Neilly, suspecting she is the weak link he needs to bring down the whole operation.

    When their schemes threaten the one thing she cares about, Neilly sets a plan in motion that no one is going to like.

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  • My Mi'kmaw Mother

    My Mi’kmaw Mother

    Some people collect stamps while other collect cards and if they have loads of money, they may even collect cars or houses. Julie Pellisser-Lush, on the other hand, collects stories.

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  • Nova Scotia Loves Gus Cover

    Nova Scotia Loves Gus

    Created by: Doretta Groenendyk
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  • The ANNEthology Cover

    The ANNEthology

    Created by: Judith Graves
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  • floating days cover

    The Floating Days

    Created by: Susan Rodgers

    When Catherine’s world-travelling son Ryan dies suddenly overseas, she is left reeling. For so long, it was just Ryan and her; now her foundation is ruptured. She’s never quite found the stability and comfort she needs from her husband, Jack, and now he’s all she has.

    Ryan’s girlfriend, Kate, stays overseas, away from Catherine and Jack and all the memories of her and Ryan’s life on Prince Edward Island. She doesn’t want to move forward; what if she leaves Ryan behind? But both Kate and Catherine feel an echo of the truth: Ryan is still around, lighter than air and floating on the wind, a sentient soul trying to make sense of an unexpected transition to what feels like the ultimate freedom. Listening in on his own funeral, hopping around the planet to join in the pipe bands of his dreams… he has found the bright side of his floating days.

    With his invisible but palpable presence, can he help his mother, his stepfather, and his love find a new path forward…together?

    A light in the darkness, The Floating Days explores one family’s attempt to make sense of tragedy as they discover that perhaps true freedom is the beautiful, brief time we share on earth with the people we love.

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  • Turk Cover


    Created by: Fred MacDonald
  • Walk With Me Charlottetown

    Walk With Me Charlottetown

    D. Scott MacDonald’s father, W. Blair MacDonald had a keen interest in the changing landscape of Charlottetown, and documented a number of these changes with his slide camera. Instilled with a keen sense of history at an early age, Scott and his family have always treasured the work that their father did to preserve Charlottetown’s history. So, over 60 years later, Scott has now retraced his father’s steps to record how the city has changed over that time. Standing in the exact spot where his father stood, Scott has captured how the streets and buildings of Charlotttown have changed and remained the same. Scott has also researched the history of the buildings he protrays, both back to his father’s time and much earlier. The result is a fascinating glimpse into why and how even a small city can change so much.

    Ten years later, in this new edition, Scott has gathered new photos and insightful information about this beautiful city in Prince Edward Island.

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