• A Tale of Two Kitties

    A Tale of Two Kitties

    It was the best of meows, it was the worst of meows….

    Mittens and Boots have nothing in common. Nada. Zilch. Okay, maybe they live in the same house, but sharing is NOT in their vocabulary. They each have their own food bowls, bathing rituals, and bad habits. And they like it that way. Life is glorious until IT arrives, replacing their usual cozy armchairs. The loveseat. PAW-lease. This wasn’t love. It was revenge. Plain and simple. Payback from their humans for the litter box situation. It really wasn’t good. Soon, it’s two cantankerous cats against one loveseat, leather-bent on being the new bestie. Setting aside their differences won’t be easy for the furry adversaries, but cat naps are calling. A Tale of Two Kitties celebrates that while each of us is unique, we’re similar in all the ways that truly matter. 

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  • Pockets Full of Sea Glass

    Pockets Full of Sea Glass

    This sweet picture book follows the day in the life child whose anxiety seems to fill their days. Letting go is so hard to do and worry weighs down every step. Even walking on the beach is difficult until finding a glimmer of hope among the rocks helps to make the day brighter. With a piece of sea glass found, the worries seem to melt away. Pockets Full of Sea Glass is a wonderful introduction of the mindfulness children can achieve by spending time in nature, one piece of sea glass at a time.

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  • Prince Edward Island ABC

    Prince Edward Island ABC

    Prolific P.E.I. illustrator has a new take on the P.E.I. alphabet. Avoiding the predictable icons such as “A is for Anne of Green Gables” this book is meant to appeal to PE Islanders both at home and away.  With images that include A is for Acadian; B is for Blue Jay; C is for Confederation; D is  for Old Donald, E is for Exploring  a Tidal Pool, F is for Farmers and Fishers; H is Harness Racing; J is Jams and Jellies; K is  for Kindred Spirits.; and L is Lighthouse, this Prince Edward Island ABC will to appeal to both children and adults.  

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  • Multiplication Rap
  • Truck


    It’s pedal to the metal reading fun with this vibrantly illustrated, road-tripping adventure story. When the school bus is late, no need to panic, just hop on a truck. There are plenty of options: fire truck, dump truck, garbage truck…and more! Vehicle loving children will fill up their tanks reading this zany, ride-along tale.

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