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The Keto Solution Online Book Launch

Online Book Launch for the Release of The Keto Solution by Angela Doucette

The Keto Solution Online Book Launch
Wednesday, October 14
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Join Acorn Press author Angela Doucette in conversation with David Rashed and Jill Sabean. They will be discussing Angela’s new book The Keto Solution and their experiences with a low carbohydrate, high fat diet (LCHF). 

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The Keto Solution
A Practical Guide for Living Your Low-Carbohydrate Life

Packed with recipes and helpful hints, The Keto Solution is the only book you need for switching to a Keto lifestyle.

At the age of 40, Angela Doucette was seriously overweight and starting to show signs of metabolic disease. She had developed high blood pressure, had some concerning numbers in her cholesterol/lipid profile and was about 50 pounds overweight. She felt miserable and frustrated having tried so many weight loss and exercise programs but nothing seemed to work long term. She switched to a more “Primal” way of eating and was finally able to shift the weight. Surprisingly, though, her blood pressure decreased naturally, her hs-CRP (an inflammatory marker) dropped significantly, and her lipid profile improved without medication! As a way to share the benefits, she started a weight loss and coaching program and offers workshops as well as online and in-person meetings. She has created a peer support network through the popular Keto Solution Facebook group.

This journey has not only changed her professional outlook and career path, it has also given her hope for her future. With the knowledge and motivation to make the changes, she feels that other Maritimers can see these changes too. 

 “Once you see the benefits, you can’t unsee them.” —Dr. Gary Fettke

Angela Doucette graduated from Dalhousie College of Pharmacy in 1992. Her main area of practice has been hospital pharmacy, but she has also worked in Community and Long Term Care. After battling her own weight issues for many years, and losing her father to heart disease at the age of 58, Angela developed a special interest in Therapeutic Nutrition for Obesity and Metabolic Disease management. As a Pharmacist, she is particularly interested in a “food first” approach to the management of Type 2 Diabetes and helping people reduce medication use. Angela is a Certified Bariatric Educator through the Canadian Obesity Network, is a member of Canadian Clinicians for Therapeutic Nutrition, and is passionate about helping others struggling with weight and other lifestyle related health challenges. She lives in Charlottetown, PE. Visit the more information.

Jill Sabean offers peer support within the Keto Solution community. She has Bachelor of Arts (UPEI) and Masters of Education in Counselling and Psychotherapy (UNB). Jill lives on PEI with her husband and two daughters.

“I’ve always struggled with my weight and received a diagnosis of diabetes a month before starting LCHF.

My husband and I dove right in and there’s no looking back for us. Between the two of us, we’ve lost almost 200 pounds, I’m no longer diabetic, and our energy, mental clarity, and overall quality of life is so much better than before LCHF. We’ll never go back to eating a high carb diet. We can’t. We were so unhealthy and unhappy. Keto Solution has been such an amazing support to us. It’s helped us by providing a solid education in how this way of eating makes you healthier, how to eat LCHF in a healthy way, providing recipes and ideas, and providing support.”

David Rashed is a Consultant with the Keto Solution community. He is a graduate of Fanshawe College London ON. He works with Digital Applications and is a Musician and Media Producer.

“I started LCHF September 2017, I’ve always struggled with weight and TRYIng to eat correctly with no luck, always finding it a constant struggle to lose weight. Always trying to lose other than just living and not worrying about it. I’m grateful for Angela’s expertise in this area and she was able to confirm a lot of things I’ve been reading / watching and researching.

My testimonial is the best thing I’m able to offer, I’m just tired of Trying. Now I’m doing.”