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Adrian McNally Smith Online Reading & Interview

Adrian McNally Smith in conversation with Acorn Publisher Terrilee Bulger on September 22, 2020. In their conversation about Adrian’s latest book, A Reluctant Search for Spiritual Truth, they discuss:
  • Where Adrian got the initial idea to write this book…he was actually a late teenager in church.
  • Were there any spiritual experiences that Adrian didn’t share in the book.
  • The reactions Adrian has received from reader and how it’s different from his previous book, Finding Forgiveness
Adrian McNally Smith recently retired after thirty years of work in education, twenty-five of those years devoted to counseling and student services. He had previously written an e-book on family secrets and sexuality. These days, when he is not writing, you can mostly find him walking along the shores and trails of Prince Edward Island, generally in the company of his loyal lab, Nelly.