• Treasures to Find

    Treasures to Find

    Created by: Dale McNevin

    Dale McNevin is a much beloved PEI illustrator who has illustrated numerous books including Crosby and Me, Everything That Shines, and Three Tall Trees. Her characters from The True Meaning of Crumbfest were immortalized by the City of Charlottetown in re-created large statues painted by artists around the city.

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  • Truck


    Created by: Doretta Groenendyk

    It’s pedal to the metal reading fun with this vibrantly illustrated, road-tripping adventure story. When the school bus is late, no need to panic, just hop on a truck. There are plenty of options: fire truck, dump truck, garbage truck…and more! Vehicle loving children will fill up their tanks reading this zany, ride-along tale.

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  • True Meaning of Crumbfest

    True Meaning of Crumbfest

    Created by: David Weale
    Artist: Dale McNevin

    “Winner of the Ann Connor Brimer Award for Children’s Literature; over 17,000 copies in print; animated Christmas special on TELETOON, with the spin-off series Eckhart The True Meaning of Crumbfest is the story of a curious little mouse named Ekhart, who sets off to discover the truth about that most abundant time of year called “”Crumbfest,”” when bounteous crumbs miraculously appear in the old Prince Edward Island farmhouse in which he lives. Much anthologized – particularly by CBC Radio’s “Fireside Al”- this a heartwarming tale of the magic that happens when the “Outside” and the “Inside” come together.”

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  • Turk Cover


    Created by: Fred MacDonald
  • Variations on Blue

    Variations on Blue

    Created by: Pam Martin

    This year’s poetry book by an Island writer is by former P.E.I. bookseller Pam Martin; this is her first book. As a child Pam Martin had four very sudden and unexpected encounters with death. These experiences shaped her emotional life as she struggled to understand them and to find beauty in a world that seemed fraught with peril. The poems also examine, with delicacy and humour, the world she encountered as a teenager, a social worker and a wife.

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  • Vet Behind the Years

    Vet Behind the Years

    Created by: Bud Ings

    Bud Ings was born in 1926 on Prince Edward Island and graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph, ON. He practised in rural King’s County, was a Liberal member of the legislative assembly, and served as agriculture and health ministers. A long-time member of the Queens County Fiddlers, Bud lives in Montague.

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  • Village that Loved Oysters

    Village that Loved Oysters

    The Village that Loves Oysters is a children’s picture book that describes the quaint PEI village of Tyne Valley, and its odd obsession with Malpeque oysters. As the story goes, “the villagers eat oysters for breakfast and dinner and lunch, and on hot summer days they drink oyster-laced punch!”. The villagers get even more oyster-crazed at the onset of the Tyne Valley Oyster Festival, for which the story is written to commemorate. It will be launched during the 50th anniversary of the Tyne Valley Oyster Festival this summer. 

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  • Waiting for Still Water

    Waiting for Still Water

    Created by: Susan White

    These are the rules at foster mother Amelia’s farm–the rules that saved Rachel when she first came to stay at Walton Lake as a troubled girl. Now, after a horrifying crisis at work, Rachel has run back to the farm again.

    But she doesn’t find the peace she’s hoping for. There are new fostered teens at the farm with their own demons, and the sprawling family she became a part of at Amelia’s farm seems to be full of heartbreak and worry.

    There’s Crystal, grieving her twin sister. Jodie and Zac are struggling to bring a pregnancy to term. Kate is reeling from her mother’s abandonment.

    And Amelia, stalwart and dependable and loving Amelia, their glue, has become worryingly forgetful.

    A sweeping story of love and redemption, Waitng for Still Water will delight fans of Maeve Binchy and Lesley Crewe.

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  • Walk With Me Charlottetown

    Walk With Me Charlottetown

    D. Scott MacDonald’s father, W. Blair MacDonald had a keen interest in the changing landscape of Charlottetown, and documented a number of these changes with his slide camera. Instilled with a keen sense of history at an early age, Scott and his family have always treasured the work that their father did to preserve Charlottetown’s history. So, over 60 years later, Scott has now retraced his father’s steps to record how the city has changed over that time. Standing in the exact spot where his father stood, Scott has captured how the streets and buildings of Charlotttown have changed and remained the same. Scott has also researched the history of the buildings he protrays, both back to his father’s time and much earlier. The result is a fascinating glimpse into why and how even a small city can change so much.

    Ten years later, in this new edition, Scott has gathered new photos and insightful information about this beautiful city in Prince Edward Island.

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    Welcome to Camp Fill-in-the-Blank

    Created by: Hope Dalvay

    Page’s perfectly organized life turns upside down when her parents send her to Prince Edward Island to babysit her cousins Crusoe and Danger (those are their real names) for the summer. The only problem is that her cousins feel that they are too old to have a babysitter—they would rather be at summer camp. Page realizes the solution to the problem is to give her cousins exactly what they want: summer camp in their own backyard. Despite Page’s meticulous efforts to plan a different theme for each week of Camp Fill-in-the-Blank, she quickly learns that life with her cousins rarely goes according to plan.

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  • What If?

    What If ?

    Students of Valerie Dockendorff’s grade 5/6 at Springvale Elementary, Halifax, have written and illustrated a book to address a variety of world issues in a positive manner. We wish to raise awareness about problems faced by kids all over the world by imagining what it would be like if the problems didn’t exist! All messages and illustrations depict positive images that send a message of hope and provide concrete ways for readers to take action to celebrate and improve our world….word by word.

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  • What If book cover

    What If?

    Created by: Doretta Groenendyk

    Anxiety. It’s tough. It’s tough for kids. It’s tough to parent. That deep-rooted fear of what might happen, the atmosphere of self-doubt, the attack of fear: What if something bad happens? What if I don’t know? What if they laugh? Or if i cry? But…what if something good happens? What if you laugh? And you make a friend?

    What If? Is a humour-filled, edgy, tender picture book that portrays what it feels like to have anxiety and responds to it with the potential of whimsy and joy. Doretta Groenendyk’s new book What if? takes the young, worried child to journey through layered images of panic and into the delight of possibility.

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