• Betrayer


    Created by: Michael Hennessey

    Inspired by the last murder in Prince Edward Island for which capital punishment was exacted- and the theory that a third man was involved in the crime- The Betrayer conjures the fictional life of this “third man” in an intimate psychological profile of a man who, quite literally, gets away with murder. With a deft hand, Hennessey takes us down the darker streets of mid-20th-century Charlottetown, capturing the city’s gritty west end with the brushstrokes of someone who has lived it. He also takes us down into the darkest recesses of the human spirit, into the mind and soul of a murderer.

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  • Beyond Silence

    Beyond Silence

    Created by: Sage

    Beyond Silence: Voices of Child Sexual Abuse is a collection of stories, poems, and images by twelve Island women. In these deeply personal accounts, the women tell about the abuse they suffered as children, the profound effect it has had on their lives, and the reasons why people need to join the fight to stop it. A prevention chapter, written by the group as a whole, focuses on five key areas that need to be addressed in order to end child sexual abuse. These include abusers taking responsibility for their actions and parents taking action to protect their children.Beyond Silence takes a fresh approach to the ongoing work of child sexual abuse prevention by focusing on the knowledge and wisdom of adult survivors. This book has the potential to dramatically change the ways communities respond to child sexual abuse. The stories are raw and real, honest and terrifying. The women dig into the darkness of the past so that others may see the light. They refuse to be silenced and they’re determined to make a difference.

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  • Blue Waiting

    Blue Waiting

    Blue Waiting is a collection of poems in conversation with small beauties formed through the geography of living. This geography takes shape in the edges of islands, mountains, families, and most of all the terrain of the inner life. The inner life is imbued with the details of ordinary life, where the contours of presence is unraveled in attention to what is in before us as humans.

    This collection is one of two poets, whose work intersects not only thematically, but particularly in how Wiebe and Snowber continue to find the holy in the ordinary, and wonder in the sensate world. One poem has fed the other, and as each was written separately we invite you to see them as a place for dialogue. Dialoguing with self, other, and the soil beneath the words, which gives breath and life to language itself.

    As both poets and educators Snowber and Wiebe find the immersion in present life as the catalyst for the deepest lessons, and the writing of poetry becomes a place of unfolding to what it means to be human and sustain nourishment on the planet. We invite you as a reader to travel along your own wondrous journey and be in dialogue with us.

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  • -13%Special price Bodies and Sole

    Bodies and Sole

    Created by: Hilary MacLeod

    The Shores is celebrating a killer 200th anniversary. A skull tossed up on the beach sparks a heritage murder investigation.

    Meanwhile, serial widow Vera Gloom moves into the village with her three ex- husbands. Are they one big happy family? Amateur sleuth, Hy McAllister has her doubts, and things get even more interesting when Vera starts working on husband number four. Hy has to convince Mountie Jane Jamieson that these people are more than just a little dysfunctional—before it’s too late.

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  • Cod Only Knows

    Cod Only Knows

    Created by: Hilary MacLeod

    Finally! A new book in the popular Shores Mysteries series!

    For the first time in thirty years, all the signs have returned to the waters off The Shores. Signs of a presumed gone, possibly legendary giant cod.

    A photograph is the only evidence the big one ever existed. The Shores’s mysterious Abel Mack almost landed the most giant of the giant cod the last time they appeared.

    At all costs, two powerful men with competing interests are after the biggest cod. They are closing in on The Shores–but the fisherman is missing.

    Ninety-year-old Abel Mack has disappeared. At the best of times, Abel is there one minute, gone the next. His best friends and family are not sure they would recognize him if they found him.

    Is he dead, by foul play or misadventure, or dead of exposure, as Mountie Jane Jamieson suspects? Or is he alive and sure to return, as his wife Gus Mack insists? Does the never-at-home Abel even exist outside Gus’s memory or imagination, Hy McAllister wonders? Or has he been kidnapped for what he knows about the codfish?

    In this sixth Shores mystery by Hilary MacLeod, everyone is after the one that got away. But does anything–or anyone–who is attached to The Shores ever actually get away…alive? Cod only knows.

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  • Dead Letter

    Dead Letter

    Created by: Finley Martin

    It is 2001 and the police constable’s girlfriend is murdered in a fit of jealous rage. When the constable realizes what he has done, he manages an elaborate cover-up. Only one person knows the truth.

    Flash forward to 2012. Anne Brown is still running her late uncle, Bill Darby’s, detective agency after spending four or five years as his assistant. One day, the postman delivers an eleven year-old letter. The letter is addressed to her uncle from a woman named Carolyn Jollimore. She says she has evidence about a murder and begs for help from Darby. But Bill Darby is dead. And when Anne looks up the letter’s author, she finds that Jollimore too is now dead. Troubled with the evidence at hand, Anne must decide if she should investigate this eleven-year old murder.

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  • Dip & Veer

    Dip & Veer

    Created by: Frank Ledwell

    Frank Ledwell has previously published one volume of prose and poetry, The North Shore of Home (Acorn Press, 2002) and two collections of poetry, Crowbush and Other Poems (Ragweed, 1990) and Dip & Veer: Reflections on the Art of Alex Colville (Acorn Press, 1996). He has performed as a popular storyteller in venues across Prince Edward Island. Frank Ledwell is a Professor Emeritus of the English Department of the University of Prince Edward Island, where he taught creative writing for many years. He was the first recipient of the PEI Council of the Arts’ Award for Distinguished Contribution to the Literary Arts, and for many years was known as the Island’s unofficial poet laureate.

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  • Enchanted House

    Enchanted House

    Created by: Beth Janzen

    Charlottetown poet Beth E. Janzen’s work has appeared in journals such as The Malahat Review and Grain. Her chapbook Night Vanishes was published by Saturday Morning Chapbooks in 2004. The Enchanted House is her first full collection of poems.

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  • Cover of Fear of Drowning

    Fear of Drowning

    Created by: Susan White

    Award-winning author, Susan White’s new book Fear of Drowning is an epic family saga set against the backdrop of two world wars, earthquakes, epidemics, prejudice, social injustice, greed and ambition. In the summer of 1917 circumstances and societal expectations put in motion a plan which causes a legacy of silence and deceit to filter down through five generations of women. One of the perpetrators of that deception, Lillianne McDonough is reaching the end of her life and feels compelled to lift the dark shadows from the past. Gradually secrets and lies are revealed, forgiveness and atonement are sought after and a sense of hope and freedom is passed to the next generation.

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  • Fireflies in the Magnolia Grove

    Fireflies in the Magnolia Grove

    Created by: John Smith

    In this, John Smith’s sixth book of poetry, Prince Edward Island’s inaugural Poet Laureate offers up a dialogue about “being,” in the intellectual context of modern times. He explores stages of being, as an individual, as one in relationship to others, and as a part of the earth and of the universe. The poet’s acquaintance with physics, algebra, and geometry collides with his own philosophical questionings, using language to bridge the ephemeral and the infinite. The poems are the distilled, heady musings of a writer whose poetic voice spans millennia.

  • Fixer-Upper


    Created by: Lorne Elliott

    Funnyman Lorne Elliott’s take on Island life. When Bruno MacIntyre decides to rent his ramshackle cottage to summer tourists, the wacky merriment begins. Lorne Elliott, comic master of mirth and mayhem, takes us to Savage Bay on the south shore of Prince Edward Island, where the hapless Bruno turns to his clever and caustic Aunt Tillie for help in securing tenants. First, the cottage, inherited with a bad reputation from Bruno’s ne’r-do-well father, must be renovated. Then, Bruno must duel with his aunt’s wry insults and sly plans, a sardonic would-be author, and two torrid tenants. Elliott’s celebrated gifts for sharp-witted repartee and vivid characterizations are in full force. So, too, are Elliott’s keen eye and ear for our fumbling aspirations, bittersweet banterings, self-deceptions, hard-won wisdom, surprising tenderness, and zany outcomes. The Fixer-Upper–the novella adaptation of his play, Tourist Trap–is classic Lorne Elliott, with a brash and cheeky Maritime flavour.

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  • Her Teeth are Stones

    Her Teeth are Stones

    Created by: Judy Gaudet

    Each of Judy Gaudet’s poems is a path to somewhere resonant, redolent of memories and anticipations both bittersweet and beautiful. She traces the paths the mind and body takes purposefully, as well as those it happens onto, by chance or consequence. The poems light on home and history, travel afar, return again. They are marked by the toughness of wholly looking and experiencing and are leavened by wry humour and true gratitude for the beauty and magic that touch the earth’s days — and our human ones, tripping over the stones of her path. Her Teeth Are Stones is Judy Gaudet’s first full-length poetry book, following her chapbook Poems, you say.

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