• A Few White Lies Cover
  • Great Day Fer Livin'

    A Great Day Fer Livin’ (2nd edition)

    After living in Australia for 18 years, Juliet Wilson returned to Prince Edward Island for an extended stay. The Island’s allure hit her front on: not just the vibration of the gently rolling landscape, with its patchwork quilt of red soil and emerald fields, but the beauty of the people who make up the rich fabric of the Island, their sense of place, and their way of being.She spent the summer of 2009 driving the back roads of Prince Edward Island, introducing herself to people she met on the wharves and in the fields and in their shops, and getting to know them by listening to their stories and eventually photographing them. Like an informal anthropological study, this book gives a glimpse into the culture, belief, and practices of the primary producers who make up the backbone of Prince Edward Island.

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  • A Tale of Two Kitties

    A Tale of Two Kitties

    It was the best of meows, it was the worst of meows….

    Mittens and Boots have nothing in common. Nada. Zilch. Okay, maybe they live in the same house, but sharing is NOT in their vocabulary. They each have their own food bowls, bathing rituals, and bad habits. And they like it that way. Life is glorious until IT arrives, replacing their usual cozy armchairs. The loveseat. PAW-lease. This wasn’t love. It was revenge. Plain and simple. Payback from their humans for the litter box situation. It really wasn’t good. Soon, it’s two cantankerous cats against one loveseat, leather-bent on being the new bestie. Setting aside their differences won’t be easy for the furry adversaries, but cat naps are calling. A Tale of Two Kitties celebrates that while each of us is unique, we’re similar in all the ways that truly matter. 

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  • Are We Friends Now? An Anthology By and About 2SLGBTQ+ Youth

    Are We Friends Now?

    Are We Friends Now is a dynamic and exhilarating collection of writing from LGBTQ+ youth and allies from around PEI. The product of a collaboration between PEERS Alliance and the PEI Writers’ Guild, the multi-genre selections in Are We Friends Now are the result of several months of workshopping and brainstorming at the Queer Youth Writing Club, and also include pieces from adult volunteers. Are We Friends Now will appeal to readers of all ages, and makes a great addition to classroom and library collections.

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  • Flitt’s Call Activity Guide

    Flitt’s Call Activity Guide

    This activity guide will accompany Flitt’s Call. The intention is to encourage young people to foster their keen observation, to encourage them to learn about the natural world they are a part of, and to act with integrity towards the protection of all species and the habitats they call home.

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  • Flynn's War

    Flynn’s War

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  • Follow the Goose Butt to Prince Edward Island Cover
  • Into the Wind A Novel of Acadian Resilience

    Into the Wind

    A gusty August morning … two children spot sails on the horizon … foreign soldiers enter their village. Johnston holds the reader close with this moving tale. The main characters, Marie and Charles, are fictional, but the story is not. It is based on well-documented historical facts about the 1755 removal of Acadians from Grand-Pré. Into the Wind presents that well-known event in a fresh way. It makes for a poignant, suspenseful novel about how two kids and a village deal with forces and events far beyondtheir control.

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  • Mi’kmaq Ghost Stories Cover
  • My Mi'kmaq Mother Cover

    My Mi’kmaq Mother

    Some people collect stamps while other collect cards and if they have loads of money, they may even collect cars or houses. Julie Pellisser-Lush, on the other hand, collects stories.

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  • Pockets Full of Sea Glass

    Pockets Full of Sea Glass

    This sweet picture book follows the day in the life child whose anxiety seems to fill their days. Letting go is so hard to do and worry weighs down every step. Even walking on the beach is difficult until finding a glimmer of hope among the rocks helps to make the day brighter. With a piece of sea glass found, the worries seem to melt away. Pockets Full of Sea Glass is a wonderful introduction of the mindfulness children can achieve by spending time in nature, one piece of sea glass at a time.

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  • Sacred Space

    The Sacred Space

    In this intimate collection of writing and art, Brian J. Francis invites us to explore the sacred space within.

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