• Bully 101

    Bully 101

    Created by: Doretta Groenendyk

    Bully 101 is an irreverant look at a familiar and ongoing issue. It explores both the temptations of bullying and the remarkable possibility of kindness. It is an excellent conversation starter for both families and schools, or anyone who hopes for peace. The illustrations are funky. The text rhymes and twists. Geared towards primary-grade 7 Bully 101 identifies ways in bullying occurs, (cyber, playground, bus,) the feelings that result (for both the bully and victim) and the simple notion that anyone can chose kindness instead. The book does not answer all questions surrounding bullying; it does not preach either. Rather, it will begin conversations on why we bully, or watch it happen and it presents the idea that everyone has the choice to not participate in it.

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  • Butterflies in My Belly

    Butterflies in My Belly

    Jackie MacKay is a therapist who counsels children in a play therapy setting. Butterflies in My Belly was inspired by her work with young children. Jackie works at The Children’s Centre, a division of the Catholic Family Services Bureau in Charlottetown. She has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Sir Wilfred Laurier University. Jackie lives in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, with her husband and two children.

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  • Chung Lee Loves Lobsters

    Chung Lee Loves Lobsters

    Created by: Hugh MacDonald

    Mr. Chung Lee is a retired restaurant cook who buys one lobster a month with his old age pension cheque, takes the lobster to the seashore, and releases it into the sea. This book, a PEI favourite, was originally published in 1992 by Annick Press, but it has since gone out-of-print. New illustrations and fresh text will make it a favourite for a new generation of Islanders. This story won the L. M. Montgomery Children’s Literature Award in 1990.

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  • colour pei

    Colour Prince Edward Island

    Created by: Nadine Staaf

    Colouring is becoming a serious pasttime for all ages. Increasingly, studies have shown that the health benefits to colouring appear to be as good as the benefits of meditation. In a unique, easy-to-pack, format, Colour Prince Edward Island is a new book that will create hours of fun for the whole family.

    Nadine Staaf is a nature-inspired colouring book illustrator, living and working in beautiful Prince Edward Island with her husband and their son. Originally from British Columbia, Nadine’s art has most recently been influenced by the contrasting environment of P.E.I., which is prominently displayed in her newest book, Colouring Prince Edward Island.

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  • Comment Naquirent

    Comment Naquirent

    L’action du dernier roman de l’auteure primée de livres pour enfants Deirdre Kessler se déroule à l’été de 1864. Les jumeaux Gabriel et Grace, de neuf ans, aident leurs parents à l’écurie familiale de la rue Great George, à Charlottetown. Ils assistent à toute l’excitation provoquée par la venue d’un cirque en ville et l’arrivée par bateau de politiciens des Maritimes et de la province du Canada-Uni. Les jumeaux suivent des leçons de dessin de leur ami, l’artiste Robert Harris, de quatorze ans, qui joue dans l’orchestre chargé de divertir les délégués lors du grand bal et du banquet offerts à l’édifice colonial. Mais les jumeaux sont plus excités à cause de leur cheval préféré, qui va bientàt donner naissance à son premier poulain.

    Remontez dans le temps et parcourez les rues de Charlottetown pour jeter un regard sur les réunions ayant mené à la Confédération, avec ce livre magnifiquement illustré par l’artiste primée Brenda Jones.

  • Crosby and Me

    Crosby and Me

    Created by: Hugh MacDonald
    Artist: Dale McNevin

    I’m off to play hockeybut I’m starting to thinkdad’s dreams are the reasonwe go to the rink.He’s doing the drivingwith Mum at his side,our frisky dog Crosbycomes along for the ride.

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  • Deep Water Pearls

    Deep Water Pearls

    Created by: Kathleen Hamilton

    Thirteen writers dive into the deep emotional waters of their lives to write their most personal, honest stories. In doing so they transform the grit of female experience into pearls of truth and beauty.

    Guided by memoir coach and editor Kathleen Hamilton, the writers reveal the most intimate turning points in their lives, memories deeply charged with meaning, moments after which their lives were never the same.

    The stories are diverse: we meet a PEI farm girl exploring her early intuitive knowings, a tattooed millennial struggling with PTSD, a mature academic rebounding from the betrayal of her marriage, and a bride whose wedding day is a triumph over a treacherous past.

    In The Strength it Took to Ditch You, a woman reveals her years in an abusive same-sex relationship. High School Reunion is set in Unit 9, a psych ward in Charlottetown. In The Waiting Place, a young mother from western PEI explores the meaning of home.

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  • Dreamtime


    The soothing rhythms and sounds of the words of this story will work their magic on children at bedtime. Written by award-winning author Deirdre Kessler and illustrated by the talented young artist Christina Patterson, this book evokes a quiet nighttime in Prince Edward Island-a perfect going-to-bed story. Dreamtimeis sure to be a classic of the 21st century.

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  • Eating Well with Karin

    Eating Well with Karin

    Eating well has never tasted so good! Karin Antolick brings her experiences from her catering and farmer’s market business to the page for the first time. Scrumptious recipes include classics such as Miso Soup and Hummus, but also include some of Karin’s signature recipes such as Karin’s Crazy Cheese Ball, African Chick Pea and Peanut Stew, and Spelt, Cranberry and Walnut Cake a.k.a Catch (or Keep) a Husband Cake. Working with fresh ingredients that can be sourced locally, Karin has compiled healthy and delicious recipes that include vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options — options for every body!

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  • Elaine Harrison: I am an Island that Dreams

    Elaine Harrison: I am an Island that Dreams

    Elaine Harrison was born in Petite-Rivere in Nova Scotia, but moved to Prince Edward Island to teach in 1938. There, she and her companion spent their summers at “Windswept,” the 200 year-old farmhouse on the cliffs near Seacow Head, where they lived a simple life, and for over fifty years were involved in the intellectual life of the Island and beyond, playing host to numerous summer visitors and corresponding with some of Canada’s top writers. In 1968, retirement gave Elaine the freedom to turn to her interests: her poetry, the campaigning for favoured causes, but above all her painting. Inspired by the Group of Seven, she found her subject matter in the cliffs and waves at Windswept, the sunflowers in her garden, the trees of the local hardwoods, and latterly her own cats and kitchen. In the early days she frequently gave her paintings away to anyone who appreciated them, but from the 1970s she began to get the recognition and financial returns they merited. She died in 2003, but her work is still much-loved by Islanders.

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  • Enchanted House

    Enchanted House

    Created by: Beth Janzen

    Charlottetown poet Beth E. Janzen’s work has appeared in journals such as The Malahat Review and Grain. Her chapbook Night Vanishes was published by Saturday Morning Chapbooks in 2004. The Enchanted House is her first full collection of poems.

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  • Fairies on My Island

    Fairies on My Island

    If you look closely, maybe you too can discover the world of fairies. Get ready for Shaun and Christina Patterson to take you into a magical worlds of Fairies. A place where silliness and fun are just as important as being true to yourself and taking care of nature. The Pattersons have traveled far and wide on Prince Edward Island to uncover the secret world of fairies. Join them now as they discover the world of fairies. Complete with instructions to make your own fairies, this book is a true guide to many of the fairies you will see on your search.

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