This Gift giving season be sure to grab these titles that will appeal to Nature Lovers

  • Flitt's Call

    Flitt’s Call

    Created by: Kara Griffin
    Artist: K. Shawn Larson

    Flitt is a little bank swallow who returns to his beloved Prince Edward Island every spring to nest in the same seaside cliffs. But this year, things are different. The land has changed, he can’t find as many insects to eat, and there are fewer swallows to play with. When his chicks are born, Flitt realizes he needs to teach his little swallows, all the swallows, a special call. Flitt’s Call is a bank swallow’s prayer and plea for the planet.

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  • Flitt’s Call Activity Guide

    Flitt’s Call Activity Guide

    This activity guide will accompany Flitt’s Call. The intention is to encourage young people to foster their keen observation, to encourage them to learn about the natural world they are a part of, and to act with integrity towards the protection of all species and the habitats they call home.

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  • Step Outside

    Step Outside

    Created by: Doretta Groenendyk

    Doretta Groenendyk’s new book, Step Outside, promotes the valuable goal of relating to each other and the natural environment in a creative and enchanted way. Childhood obesity and the addiction to electronics is a growing concern that needs to be addressed. Step Outside is an artistic approach to inspire movement, to strengthen family bonds, to generate memories and celebrate the outdoors. It also visually enriches the readers repetoire with enticing, original, collaged, watercolour and acrylic creations within a moment of words.   A beautiful combination of sport, art, poetry, nature and family, Step Outside, is sure to get you off your chair and enjoying the outdoors.

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  • The Sea That Sings To Me

    The Sea That Sings To Me

    Created by: Kara Griffin
    Artist: Marla Lesage

    In this story an Island girl can hear music in the ocean — not as a metaphor, but as melodies, percussion, harmonies ringing from the waves. With lyrical words and beautiful illustrations, The Sea that Sings to Me is an ode to the special connection we have with the natural world.

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  • Three Tall Trees

    Three Tall Trees

    Created by: David Weale
    Artist: Dale McNevin

    Narrated by Enigma the Crow, this charming picture book for children aged four to seven, is a delightful rhyming fable that tells the story of three tall trees. Living in close proximity in the woods, the ancient trees “bump and collide constantly.” Jacob claims that his roots are the deepest. Paul brags that his branches are wider, while Elijah Ali insists that his sap is the purest of all. There is “war in the forest” until Enigma observes a basic truth: the trees aren’t three trees at all. They’re part of the very same tree. With its gentle humour and heartfelt message about the connectedness of all living things, Three Tall Trees is certain to captivate young readers.

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